How to setup your home studio - acoustic treatment PT. 1

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Learn how to position your speakers and acoustic panels in your home studio in 5 easy steps.


STEP 1. 

Place your monitors in an equilateral triangle with your listening (mix) position.

Left and right monitor must be equally spaced from the left and right wall for symmetry and perfect stereo image.

Preferably the monitors will be place alongside the longer wall of the room.



First reflection points (side)


Mount your acoustic panels on the left and right side of the wall between your listening position and speakers to treat first reflection points from your speakers.


STEP 3. 

Fist reflection points + bass traps

Place bass traps in all four corners of the room if possible to combat low frequency buildup and help with room modes of your room. 

Mount acoustic panels on the front and rear walls of the room.

*For small rooms absorption is the only way to go, if you have a larger room (your back wall is at least 3m apart from your listening position) - you can put diffusors on the back wall instead of acoustic panels.


STEP 4. 

first reflection points + cloud + bass traps

Place a cloud (acoustic panel or panels hanging from the ceiling) right above your listening position and monitors to treat first reflection points from the ceiling.

Mount acoustic panels in the spots between the wall and the ceiling above first reflection points to help with secondary reflections, but also to help combat low frequencies


STEP 5. 

Anthill Audio Factory - home studio acoustic treatment

Take time to adjust to your new setting, listen to a lot of music that you know, reference tracks and so on to build confidence in your skill to mix properly and to ensure your mixes will translate well outside your home studio.



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