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Free advice

Contact us directly for advice regarding how to acoustically treat your room within your budget.

Let your lectures be heard

Anthill SLIM broadband absorbers are ideal for treating conference halls/rooms, educational facilities or any place in which it is critical for a human voice to be clear and easily understandable without echo.

Record with style

Anthill CORNER Traps with scatterplates are used in all the corners from floor to ceilling for maximum low frequency absorbtion so that your kick drum and floor tom can sound tight and punchy and the scatterplates keep the high end clear.

Anthill PRO broadband absorbers and FUSION PRO panels are there for the rest - to get rid of that nasty ringing from the room when playing, making your drum kit sound full and percussive without cymbals taking over.

Listen to music properly

Anthill TUBE Traps are small enough to fit any corner of any room and work their magic. They absorb bass frequencies to reduce the low end rumble, but diffuse back the highs to keep the room from becoming too dead.

Mix like a pro

Anthill BASS broadband absorbers are used for stranding the corners and controlling the bass frequencies from 40Hz which is crucial for critical mixing and mastering.

Anthill PRO broadband absorbers are used on the walls and ceiling for controlling first reflection points from speakers for mid to high frequencies and reducing reverberation time.

Anthill Mini CLOUD panels are there to complete the circle and provide even more absorption for best possible recording sound - getting it done at the source.

Anthill FUSION PRO panels help with bringing back some of the high frequencies back into the room by scattering them and making the room feel more alive. Also - they look great!

work at home

Anthill SLIM broadband absorbers are ideal for treating small rooms or offices ito eliminate echo flutter, ensure online or live meetings to be understandable and to minimaze the noise in the room itself.



SLIM Broadband Absorbers *3pcs

From 40 EUR + VAT (per panel)

Best value acoustic panels for eliminating unwanted reflections and echo in a room


DELUXE LED PANEL w/guitar hanger

From 300 EUR + VAT

Our newest deluxe panel with RGB LEDs and guitar hanger add on for displaying your guitars or basses with style!



From 500 EUR + VAT

Perfect solution for isolating musicians when recording or playing live with an added plexi window for eye contact